Counter Top Over Washer & Dryer

When my wife and I moved into our current house one thing that got over looked was the configuration of the laundry room. The builder had a pretty large "dead" corner and the overall feel just didn't make sense. We put up with things for about 18 months and then decided something needed to be changed.

I searched the internet for different layout ideas and what we landed on was a pretty simple design that included a counter top spanning the entire distance above the washing machine and dryer. We went to all the big box stores looking for counter top and realized quickly what we needed was going to be a custom order. The size of the piece we needed was 31 inches deep and 89 inches wide and we really liked the look of quartz which would be the same material as our kitchen.

The problem arose after we realized this would weigh about 350 lbs!

After a phone call to Jones County Ironworks we had a solution - Matt Grey suggested he fabricate a bracket that could attach directly to our wall that would be able to easily hold that amount of weight.

Here are some pictures of the bracket once it has been attached to our wall.

Jones County Ironworks - Custom Laundry Bracket 1
Custom bracket to hold quartz counter top over washer and dryer

Jones County Ironworks - Custom Laundry Bracket 2

Jones County Ironworks - Custom Laundry Bracket 3
Heavy duty bolts were used to assemble the bracket

Jones County Ironworks - Custom Laundry Bracket 4

This bracket can easily hold the 350 pounds, I would imagine I could put 1000 pounds on this bracket and we still wouldn't have an issue. 

Here are a couple of images after the counter top has been installed.

quartz over washer and dryer
Counter top installed

Quartz over washer and dryer final
Counter top installed and job site cleaned up

I still need to build a box to raise the laundry storage drawers up to be level with the machines but I thought I would share how it turned out. Thank you to Matt Grey and Woody from Jones County Ironworks for the custom work. If you are in the market for custom work I would certainly recommend giving them a call to see how they can help.

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