Speaking at my First Iowa Code Camp Conference #ICC19

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present on two different topics at the 19th Iowa Code Camp located at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Coralville, Iowa. Not only was this my first year speaking at this event it was my first time even attending this event. I was impressed on how well this one day event was put together. I am only estimating here but I would guess there was a little over 200 attendees. What makes that impressive is this event is held on a Saturday so this was people taking time away from their personal lives to grow professionally.

Both of my talks were held in the same room which was nice because after the first one I had complete confidence that my laptop was working and I had the correct adapters etc to make everything work. Again I am not sure what the room's capacity was but I enjoy the smaller rooms because it often times makes people more comfortable and they start to interact more. When I have spoke to larger rooms/groups in the past it's hard to not just talk to the first few rows.

While I was preparing for this event my family, friends and coworkers asked questions that all had a similar theme: Why are you doing this? Are you getting paid? What's the point? Are you looking for a new job? What's in it for you? Why? Why? Why?

I like doing things like this. I love meeting new people. I enjoy learning about what other people / companies are doing and can I learn from their mistakes, can they learn from mine? Did I get paid? No, in fact after parking I actually paid to go to this event.

I don't think the question should be "why am I taking a Saturday to get better?" the real question is "why aren't you?"

The next time you hear about Iowa Code Camp I would highly recommend attending. It's a real conference! There were 6 presentations going on at a single time and each talk lasted a little over an hour. That means there was a lot of content being shared by speakers and for the attendee the admission was free. An all day tech conference that includes breakfast, lunch, refreshments and an unlimited opportunity to meet other local people working in the same field fighting the same fights as you.

I truly want to thank each person who attended my talks. You took time out of your day to come and listen to me speak and for that I am grateful. Thank you.

Speaking at my First Iowa Code Camp Conference #ICC19 Speaking at my First Iowa Code Camp Conference #ICC19 Reviewed by Shawn Woodward on 7:53 AM Rating: 5

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