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Introducing RightScale Optima

Earlier this year we ran several cloud management tools through the proof of concept process and ended up purchasing RightScale. You can read more about how we picked it here.

One part of having access to RightScale is the ability to use their new tool Optima. If you haven't heard of Optima yet think about AWS's trusted adviser, but on steroids. Optima has intelligence built into it to review all of your cloud environments and then make suggestions that could save you money.

RightScale Optima Screenshot
*This screen image is NOT from my RightScale implementation

Here are a couple of use cases where we have found value.

#1 - When we first started toying around with the cloud we were deploying everything in AWS to the Northern California region. At some point we decided to migrate everything to North Virginia and when I say everything it was clear that we focused mainly on our EC2 instances. Optima identified there were some storage volumes left in Northern California that hadn't been connected to a compute instance in months. This is very practical savings.

#2 - We invest a decent amount of effort when we are deploying a new project or service to the cloud. Everything is looked at in detail and I can say with confidence when something gets deployed at the moment it goes live all the I's have been dotted and T's have been crossed. In the real world though new instance types for cloud virtual machines continue to get released. At the time when we deployed a solution we were correct but with Optima we have discovered where we could swap out instance types with new ones and save real money every hour (or minute because it works with Azure too).

#3 - Because so many people now have the ability to deploy compute instances it isn't uncommon to fall back to your pre-cloud way of thinking. What I mean by that is pre-cloud you would deploy a server and it was expected to be up and running 24/7/365. The idea of turning it off when you weren't using it was a very foreign concept. In the cloud the correct way of thinking is only power on your machines when you are actually using them. Optima can identify potential savings by suggesting different instances that based on usage could save money by implementing a schedule. That is the type of savings that is right in front of you but unless you are part of that project you wouldn't know what is and isn't needed to be powered on all the time. At the very least it raises the question and encourages you to go have that conversation.

It does other things as well but I just wanted to take a minute and share a little about how it has helped me and we haven't even scratched the surface of really using RightScale yet.

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  1. Plus another cool capability of Optima is that it can get the exact billing data from the cloud vendor (i.e. Azure costs reflect our company specific Enterprise Agreement with MicroSoft, etc.)


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