Total AWS Cost for Iowa Code Camp

I have been asked a few more times to elaborate on my personal costs associated with my talks on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and cloud computing at the recent Iowa Code Camp. Last night I got my invoice so I thought I would just share exactly what I was charged and what an invoice looks like.

If you are considering moving to the cloud after you get sold all the bells and whistles it ALWAYS comes down to money. Yes I am serious.

In preparing for my talks I deployed a bunch of EC2 instances and ELB (Elastic Load Balancers) both directly and via CloudFormation Templates. I had to also setup a bunch of Key Pairs and Security Groups. How many servers did I deploy? I would guess around 30 but they didn't stay powered on very long - they were deployed and then powered off. Keep in mind I am also still in my first year with this email address / account so I could take advantage of the free tier.

My total invoice for the month of July 2017 is .41 cents. Yes 41 pennies is all it took!!

I am thinking most of my expenses were because I left an instance powered on after I ran a test and forgot to power it off until the following day.

Looks like I also paid 3 pennies because I considered storing my source code for my demo app on an S3 bucket before I moved it to a public GitHub repository.

Now you know exactly what I spent that day.

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