2017 RightScale Cloud Summit - Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Brewing Company

After three flights yesterday I finally made it back to Iowa due to spending a few days at the headquarters of RightScale in Santa Barbara, CA. While I was there I got to meet other customers and potential customers of the service and a whole bunch of people who work at RightScale.

While we were there we worked under an agreement that what was talked about there wasn't for public consumption. This avoided the issue of having everyone sign agreements etc. With that said I can't share too many details but I feel it is probably okay to share general stuff about the overall trip.

I have never been to Santa Barbara before and after spending a few days there I would definitely go back. Everyone I met there was beyond nice. Let me try and put this in perspective, a homeless person asked me if I had a cigarette or if I had any extra cash. I just replied sorry I don't smoke which is 100% accurate and dismissed the request for money. He replied very politely and apologized for interrupting my walk. He was so nice that for a split second I thought I should go find an ATM and get the man a few bucks. Everyone at RightScale was very nice as well. It was pretty clear they have a rather relaxed environment compared to where I go for a job each day. The big difference from other companies I have visited is I believe they were genuinely this nice and they weren't just going through the motions. Between the beach and all of the shopping and farmers markets I am confident that Mrs. Woodward could find plenty to do to fill a few days.

Shawn Woodward: Santa Barbara

Shawn Woodward: Santa Barbara Farmers Market

When I wasn't at work I was even able to find a few things to do for fun.

Shawn Woodward: Beer Sample Santa Barbara Brewing Company

Here are a few things that I learned that I think would be okay to share. There are companies out there that are further along in their journey to the cloud but it was nice to know there are companies that aren't as mature as we are. Sometimes it might feel like you are in last place but taking a minute will often help put that back into perspective. The choices we have made thus far are the correct choices. Learning this also makes me feel good. RightScale is a cloud management platform but they are also focusing efforts in areas that I am excited about. At my core I feel that I am an automation person so seeing what they can do in the areas of cloud orchestration is very good stuff.

Thanks for the invite and I look forward to seeing everyone at Amazon re:Invent 2017 in Las Vegas.

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