Invited to RightScale Cloud Solutions Summit 2017

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I have recently been invited to the 2017 RightScale Cloud Solutions Summit located in Santa Barbara, CA. My goal with this trip is to meet other RightScale customers and learn more about how they are using this product and hopefully bring back as many ideas as I can. We haven't even scratched the surface yet in regards to getting value from this product and I look forward to starting that as soon as I can. I have also been asked to share our story about our journey to the cloud and how we ended up picking RightScale. It's safe to say we have spent considerable more time picking RightScale than actually using it so far.

Cloud technologies continue to evolve and each provider continues to invent better ways to complete the task at hand. While technology people will immediately test out the new cool tools someone has to be reviewing the cost associated with the cloud. So far I have been impressed with what I have seen from RightScale. I like that the native tools provide you a list of actionable items people in your organization can go do that will save your company real money.

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