If your app isn't Serverless we can't be friends anymore

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Why do you think people want to maintain infrastructure? I can only think of a couple of reasons. The first is they are comfortable with that approach and the other is they don't understand or really know what "serverless" even means. I have worked in I.T. for a long time and years before the cloud was even a thing automation was a big deal. People had a choice - adapt their skillset and learn how to automate / program or just keep the same skillset and hope the future never gets here.

To everyone that decided you would rather click your mouse 150 times to install an application or configure a server opposed to taking the time to learn to code I believe you chose poorly.

Shawn Woodward He Chose Poorly

If you are developing a new solution to a problem and your design starts with a windows or linux server I really think you already messed up. Instead of coming up with reasons why the cloud won't work or debating why you need a server I challenge you. Come up with a design where you don't need any servers. Force yourself to look at the problem differently and go look at what is available from companies like Amazon, Microsoft or Google.

You will quickly see that Amazon, for example, offers a bunch of different services. Individually you might struggle to see why you need a service such as SQS (Simple Queuing Service) but when you add it along side a few other services you might find that you have something rather powerful.

I'm not going to get into all the services here but I will share a few links to help get you started.

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