My name is Shawn Woodward and I have had a bunch of cool positions and roles which you can read about on my LinkedIn profile if you are interested.

Shawn Woodward Profile Picture

I live in eastern Iowa with my wife and two children. Before kids for fun I used to play rugby until my body simply wouldn't allow it. (I'm in the back row in this picture as I was hurt so I couldn't play that day)

Shawn Woodward with Cedar Rapids Rugby

Without a doubt the best day of my life is when I became a dad.

Shawn Woodward's Daughter   Shawn Woodward's Son

My beautiful wife absolutely hates it when I put pictures of her online so here are a couple anyway.

Shawn and Catie Woodward    Shawn and Catie Woodward

We live right outside of a medium sized town so if we need to go to a Wal-Mart or a gas station it's literally just 5 minutes away. We live on 6 acres of property which keeps us busy year round.

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