Upcoming Events:

Pluralsight Live August 27-29 in Salt Lake City, UT

Past Events:

When: July 22, 2017
8:00am - 5:30pm

What: Iowa Code Camp

Admission: Free

Where: Coralville, IA Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

Shawn Woodward will be hosting 2 sessions this year that are focused on Cloud Technologies.

Amazon Web Services - Auto Scaling Groups

We have all heard that the "cloud" can automatically expand if the demand of your application grows, but have you ever seen it in action? How does it work and what does it look like? In this talk I want to introduce auto scaling groups hosted on AWS. Let's demo setting this up and discuss a few use cases that I have seen this in production both with and without an Elastic Load Balancer. If the demand of the application decreases let's have your environment shrink as well to save money.
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Clark Room : Amazon Web Services - Auto Scaling Groups (Level: 100)

Introduction to AWS Cloud Formation Templates

Cloud Formation Templates are Amazon's answer to Infrastructure as Code (IaaS). If you have not used them yet this will be a great introduction to them. In this talk I will show you how to create them to deploy simple items and will then move on to more complex solutions. At the end of this talk you will understand how you can be using these in your environment to save time and to ensure things are setup exactly the same each time.
12:45 PM - 2:00 PM : Clark Room : Introduction to AWS Cloud Formation Templates (Level: 100)
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